FreePBX Bundles

I need clarification on the FreePBX bundles.

Is starter bundle already included in the advance bundle OR do I have to buy them separately?

Please advice.


I believe what is listed in the bundle is what you get, notice there is no overlap in the first two. Regardless, the best place to ask this question is to Sangoma sales directly. Anyone here might get it right, but is would be second hand at best and if there is a discrepancy, I don’t think telling Sangoma a stranger on the internet told you something else will help you out any.

Hi - Ryan here from the Sangoma sales team. Starter Bundle is not included with Advanced Bundle. If you need the modules included in both groups, you need to purchase each one. You could also consider PBXact as almost all of these modules are included with it > PBXact Features ⋆ Sangoma

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hi @e4Ryan,

My customer has a low budget. He wants the following:

SIP Trunk
Call Recording

can he achieve this with the starter bundle?

As far as I know, all these features are supported by the open source version and you don’t need any commercial add-ons for them.

Of course it is possible that the customer wants more than the standard capabilities for these, but only a very detailed requirement would reveal that, and even then you might find that they are over-specifying for their real needs


I know IVR and SIP are within the basic offering of FreePBX,

what of the call recording? most especially if you want to do a playback and analysis.

What do you advice?

I have the open source and I have both the IVR and call recording.

I think you would have to define “analysis”. I suspect not even the commercial offerings provide much in terms of that.

@moussa854 and @david55, are you able to do a playback to listen to the recorded calls?

Yes, see the link below.

I see that there is a Commercial Call Recording Module but I do not use it


So what do you use?

Also, what is the use of SysAdmin pro.

It is already included in the basic FreePBX. From the main menu Reports >> Call Event Logging

Here is what you get with the System Admin Pro

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