FreePBX BLF/DSS Buttons

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I’m looking to setup BLF/DSS buttons on several phones. I have a mix of phones… Mitel 5224 and 5312, Aastra 9133i and Cisco 7960 running SIP firmware. Asterisk Ver 1.8 and FreePBX Ver I have googled and come up with nothing that has really helped me so far. I find references to BLF groups, hints, devstate and extstate. Most of the info I have found seems to be rather dated. If there is a tutorial on it somewhere, someone could direct me to that would be helpful, or if it could be easily explained that would be fine also.

Thanks in advance

The 7960 won’t show BLF’s The rest of the phones simply set the key type to BLF or BLF + speeddial and subscribe that button to the extension you want to monitor.

If you want to monitor items like queues or follow me do a ‘core show hints’ for a list of all registered dialplan hints. Make sure the “generate hints” option is set in advanced settings.

That’s all there is to it.

I don’t see a “generate hints” option in the advanced settings. If i do the “core show hints” I do see some items in there. How do you subscribe the button?

It looks like that option is on by default now. Each phone model is a bit different in syntax, some just require the string to subscribe to others require the target server IE: 100 or [email protected]

The Aastra 9133i’s are working find now. Still can’t get the BLF to work on the Mitel 5224’s though. Any suggestions?

I can not also get Mitel BLF’s to work with Asterisk 1.8. I know others with 1.4 reported to have them working

I have been trying to use the web admin on the phone, it will work as a dss but not a blf. I am not sure if the is something else that needs added somewhere or not?

I see a reference in the phone for a BLF group, is this something that would be in the asterisk?

Here is what the “sip show subscriptions” shows is the Aastra, in the Mitel

localhostCLI> sip show subscriptions
Peer User Call ID Extension Last state Type Mailbox Expiry 6842924 847c0000-49d80a – mwi 6842924@de 003600 6842900 5606844db377f5c 6842931@from-in Idle dialog-info+xml 003600 6842924 840f0000-319b94 – mwi 6842924@de 003600 6842900 b45e7a516225e5d 6842921@from-in Idle dialog-info+xml 003600 6842924 84bd0000-2ac758 – mwi 6842924@de 003600 6842924 83c40000-41b9bd – mwi 6842924@de 003600 6842924 84500000-3386f3 – mwi 6842924@de 003600 6842900 1e3a7267dda0a22 6842922@from-in Idle dialog-info+xml 003600 6842924 83ad0000-143dbc – mwi 6842924@de 003600 6842924 7fb20000-1d8b71 – mwi 6842924@de 003600 6842900 b17452784a9733f 6842923@from-in Idle dialog-info+xml 003600 6842924 80810000-767a18 – mwi 6842924@de 003600
12 active SIP subscriptions

Still no luck with the BLF on the mitel phones, can only get the to work as a DSS/Speedcall button. Any suggestion would be helpful

You need 2 things to get BLF working on Mitel handsets.

  1. Button Programmed
  2. The Extensions in the BLF Group.

Since we provision the phones using config files:

My buttons looks like this:

The BLF Group is located in

So if you notice BlfGroup=“71,102”

*** NOTE this was taken out of a file named: MN_.cfg

Hope this helps!

*** Edit Since the Code doesn’t display:

Hi All,

I’m trying to achieve BLF function on 5212 connected to a hosted FreePBX distro. Phones are provisioned via cfg files. FreePBX is running in device and user mode. Enable Custom Device States is true. FreePBX & Asterisk (Ver. 11.9.0). 5212 firmware version & Boot

For example BLF for monitoring extension 204.

5212 key programmed to BLF+Speeddial value set to 204. BlfGroup=“204” is in the cfg file.

core show hints shows:
204@ext-local : SIP/2204&Custom:DND2 State:Idle Watchers 1

sip show subscriptions shows:
3301 c0030000-6a6253 204@from-intern Idle dialog-info+xml 003600

However, the button light does not function in either state (InUse or Idle).

Anyone with any ideas?

Where you ever able to get this working? I’m trying to do the same thing.


OK I was able to get BLF/Lamps working… sort of…

Program a feature key as “Speed Dial+BLF” in the “Speed Dial/Rss” put the extension number {ie 101}.

Now under “User List config” Select the Phones user. On the next screen under “BLF Group List” put a comma separated list of extensions you would like to subscribe to. ie {100,101,102}

This will light the lamp when a call is answered on the extension. It does not change the light if the phone is off hook, or ringing. If anyone has any ideas on how to get those functions working I’d love to hear from you.

I got it working for monitoring extensions to but I have a feeling it’ll only work with other mitel extensions. Have you tested otherwise?

I wanted the feature for FollowMe and DND toggle buttons but I couldn’t get this to work. I don’t think the hint sent by FreePBX is recognised by the mitel handsets, they only respond to a limited set of codes.

Well I dont think working with other phone types is a problem (not tested) but it’s my understanding the hint comes from FreePBX not the other phones.

As far as FollowMe and DND… There is an option for “Line type” in the phone, it offers “SIP”, “SIP BLA”, and “SIP SCA” which all have to do with how the phone handles BLF. From the documentation I have found “SIP BLA” and “SIP SCA” are the only ones that support “Trying”, “Active”, “Held”, and “Alerting”. But these are only on “Shared Lines”.

It appears the only way to get it to work is to add each extension you want to monitor to the User List and then set the button up as a shared line. Painful!


Has anyone been able to get this to work? I’ve tried inputting the list of extensions per @swalker48329 's instructions, and to no avail. This and getting the voicemail indicator to work are the 2 main features lacking from my 5330e.