FreePBX beta on Rocky Linux 8?

I know this was asked in the fall, but when do you think the beta of the newest version of FreePBX on CentOS 8 will be released? I maintain 51 Asterisk systems, so if I only have a year and a bit to replace them before OS EoL, that’s just about one a weekend. :frowning: If I can get the beta soon, I can at least start on the PBXes so I don’t run out over OS EoL.

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IncrediblePBX 2027 which is based on Asterisk 20 and FreePBX 16 is available on Rocky 8, Debian 11 and Ubuntu 22.04. Both FreePBX and Asterisk are running fine on Rocky 8 but this is all open source and does not support any of the fee-based add-on modules of FreePBX.

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Our problem is that we use some of the paid modules, and also are interested in the new MFA module that Sangoma just announced the release of. With the large number of systems that we have and the techs that provision phones for their own buildings, Sangoma would probably get a few thousand dollars a year for that. We will eventually consolodate that down to a smaller number of PBXes, but probably only after we change our WAN connectivity.

In August of 2021 the previous FreePBX project lead mentioned that Rocky Linux will likely be used for the next FreePBX Distro. However, around that time, “the internet” didn’t like how buggy Rocky Linux started and around the same time Alma Linux gained a lot of traction.

So I don’t know if Rocky Linux is still the leading choice being as in addition to what mentioned above, the previous project lead is no longer with Sangoma.

With being said, it looks like Rocky Linux has since matured a lot so maybe it is back at the top…

My two cents:

  • I’m more concerned about the EOL status of PHP, NodeJS and fail2ban (I don’t remember if apache and MariaDB are up to date?)
  • I’m a Debian fan, we run some proxy servers and OSS FreePBX servers on Debian 10/11. I’m very happy with the stability and reliability… So I’d obviously vote for Debian.
  • There is another commercial competitor that recently migrated their distro from Centos 7 with PHP 7.4 to Debian 11 with PHP 8.1, I really hope to see such improvements in FreePBX 17.
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The short answer is you can only use commercial modules on the distro. With some energy you can get them to work on anything now that they use IONcube. Note some things are written EL centric and will not work because it assumes you are using the distro. Anything you do will ultimately be unsupported even if the issue is a bug. So essentially your only move if you want to use commercial modules and get full benefits of Sangoma support you have to use the distro unmodified. At best there has only been vague statements about the future of the distro. This topic happens every few months but never really ends with anything resembling a path forward.

And as apparently Debian is apparently an anathema , it will be a movable feast ongoing until a stable RH clone is finally discovered

in other ventures we generally have gone to deviant and related projects. It makes me like Linux more, like the good ol days.

Are there any docs on how to get Commercial modules working on non-Sangoma distros, such as IncrediblePBX ?

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Ok, it sounds like I should check out “other ventures” so that I don’t get squashed up against the CentOS 7 EoL on any new PBX that we install.

No, there isn’t. Until recently you couldn’t and no one has attempted (that we know of) since the move to Ion…

Also, IncrediblePBX removes signatures from the modules…which can break things for commercial.

Hope someone creates such documentation. I prefer IncrediblePBX, however there are also some commercial modules that I would like to purchase and use.

Sangoma OS is not CentOS. Did Sangoma make an announcement about their OS going EOL?

Probably worth considering which is more important, then. And re-evaluate the products. Some of the things that you may think you are getting as bonus from IncrediblePBX are actually right there waiting for you on FreePBX… (see recent thread on IncrediblePBX forum about fax)


I get that you prefer it but you’re also glancing over the fact it does things, like removes signatures from modules, that are needed for commercial modules to work. So even if someone does figure out how to do it with OSS FreePBX then you still need to account for what IPBX does on its own. Not even sure if the commercial modules can be hosted on another repo. That would need some double checking.

I mean, Ward just wrote an inbound faxing solution (with email) for IncrediblePBX which was redundant as FreePBX already has said solution. Now when you install OSS FreePBX that means you are responsible for installing all the needed dependancies and libraries for this feature to function. Much like doing all the stuff for UCP to run.

So in order for someone to write documents on how to do this with IncrediblePBX they need to test everything against IncrediblePBX as it is different than FreePBX.

Perhaps I misunderstand, but the RHEL 7 EoL is June 30, 2024.

That is a really long page, but about 80% of the way down it shows that Maintenance Support or Maintenance Support 2 for RHEL 7 ends June 30, 2024. I don’t expect that Sangoma itself will support their underlying OS past that date without support from RedHat.

Maintenance SupportRed Hat Enterprise Linux

7 June 10, 2014 August 6, 2019 August 6, 2020 June 30, 2024 June 30, 2026 Ongoing 7.9

I assumed they didn’t have any support from RedHat in the first place. I wouldn’t have thought RedHat would have provided support without a per installation fee.

As has been stated here and elsewhere, our current efforts are focused on Rocky 8 and FreePBX17. It’s taken longer than anticipated initially, but we are on track for an OS beta this spring, I don’t have a date more precise than that. The SNG7 system is based on CentOS 7 which has another year and a half of security support yet, and we’re committed to having a replacement well in advance of that sunset date.


Why not just skip RL8 and go directly to 9 ?
Seems wasteful to spend time transitioning to an OS that has already been superseded :frowning:

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