FreePBX Behind Corporate Firewall Need Specific URLs For Caller ID Superfecta

CallerID Superfecta for FreePBX is a utility program which adds incoming CallerID name lookups to your Asterisk system using multiple data sources
sources I selected:
Superfecta cache
Trunk Provided
Telco Data
GevondenCC NL

Can anyone provide a list of the specific URLs that the FreePBX needs to access for Caller ID Superfecta?
I’m using Freepbx behind a corporate firewall and the server will only be allowed access to these specific addresses.
so normally I closed port 80, but I like to make a exception for the URL of Ip-addresses of the “CID ID Superfecta” suppliers.

Thank you, so I can add all the URL’s in that file, to make exceptions in my firewall.

THANK YOU, great, i was ,looking for this

With kind regards,

Another question, which port should I open for this? port 80 and 443?