Freepbx bad call quality

i have an issue with my freepbx. the call quality is very bad. although I have not changed any config. I did not have this issue before. I do not know how this can be solved. can someone help me with this?
i cannot attach captures of my calls. I am attaching a screenshot of my rtp flow.This has happened since the server (ML10) has turned off due to electricity outage. We have changed our UPS meanwhile.

can someone help me please?

A tool like Homer / SIP Capture can help you figure that out

You have to figure out which direction of the RTP stream is the affected one - the outgoing or the incoming? Wireshark has the ability to listen to the streams - therefore it’s pretty easy to answer this question.

If it’s the incoming stream: you have a problem with your network or network device. If it’s the outgoing stream (and the related incoming stream was fine), it could be a asterisk problem - did you check, that there doesn’t run anything in parallel on your server, which creates unnecessary load?

It seems, you’re transcoding between alaw and ulaw. Could you by chance prevent this transcode process by better configuration of the used codecs? Does the call quality problem happen too, if asterisk doesn’t need to transcode?

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Hi dirk,
I have restored a backup and issue got solved. Thank you for the suggestions.

Best regards,

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