FreepBX Backup restore to different hardware

Using FreePBX distro 10.13.66-14 and trying to migrate the configuration of an existing FreePBX install from one deployment ID to another Deployment ID. In this particular case the original deployment was virtual and the new one is running on Sangoma hardware (that was 50% off last week what a great deal!). I don’t simply want to switch everything from the original deployment ID over to the new one and have found that apart from system admin (which was licensed with the hardware already) and endpoint manager (which I don’t mind buying again for this new deployment ID) there really aren’t a lot of commercial modules I want/need.
My question is this: with the backup and restore module, is there a way that I can backup my existing configuration (extensions, users, routes, trunks, etc,) and restore on the new hardware without bringing over the original deployment ID and without bringing over anything that will expect to see a commercial module that I don’t plan on licensing on the new Deployment ID? The original deployment was an OSS one so almost all commercial modules are currently licensed. In theory I would like to have both deployments running (on different ip addresses and trunks only registered on the original) so that I may have time to test and perform a planned cut at a specific time. My fear of the unknown is that I will end up restoring a section of the backup from the original deployment ID instance on the new deployment ID and have the original deployment ID transferred over and require immediate activation. I already re-registered each of these deployment ID’s previously so I don’t have any Zend resets available through the system admin>activation section.