FreePBX Backup no longer working in 2.7

Since noticing this yesterday, I’ve done a yum -y update, loaded the latest updates as of today using the FreePBX GUI, but Backup no longer works from the GUI. (I can still do a backup from the Elastix GUI).

I’ve got the versions:

Elastix 1.6.2-1
Backup and Restore
FreePBX Framework

Is this a genuine bug that others are seeing? It could be that I’ve broken something somehow. (But this is a special machine dedicated to Elastix, only accessible via SSH, console or web interface).

If it is a bug, is there a fix coming?



I posted this issue yesterday, however I am using a PIAF distro.


I also seem to have the same issue. I upgraded to 2.7 and now my backups are not running. The schedule isn’t running a backup and when I click run now - nothing happens.

However I’m using Asterisk so this must be an issue with Freepbx. I have found a few posts from other users having the same issue but there doesn’t seem to be an answer to the problem.

Does anyone know how to fix this or how to monitor the backup process for errors so that we can try to identify what is causing the issue ?



I just wanted to chime in that I upgraded several clients from 2.5 to 2.7 (latest framework as of a couple of days ago) and all of my client’s backups are taking place. I also received a couple of email backups over the weekend (which is a neat feature).

Can you do a manual backup from the command line or is it just the automated backups that are not working? When in doubt I write my own scripts and do it via a cron job.

What would be the command to run the manual backup? Thank you.

I have 5 servers running PIAF PBX in a flash 1.4, all of them I disabled the FOP panel through the amportal.conf file. I upgrade all of them at the same time from Freepbx 2.6 to Freepbx 2.7. Three out of the 5 servers, the backup and restore module stops working. I uninstalled the backup module and installed it again but nothing happens. Tonight I was thinking what customization that I did with Freepbx 2.6, and the only thing that I could remember is the disabling of the FOP panel. So tonight I enabled back the FOP panel of one of the three servers and voila the backup module started to work again. However, I am still confused because the other two servers their backup and restore module, even though the FOP panel is disabled, continued to work. Hmmm, I still have two more servers to try to enabled back the FOP panel, I will see if the backup module will start to work again.

I’ve never disabled the FOP panel, so I’m guessing this is unrelated, except perhaps as an indication of the instability of the problem. - Anyone have any other ideas?

Hi all,

I just thought I’d give you all feedback on my issue and my fix. I found that my scheduled backups stopped working after the upgrade to 2.7 and a manual backup also did nothing and didn’t even create the folders or the files in the backup directory. I just uninstalled the backup and restore module from the module admin page, applied the changes, rebooted the box, reinstalled the backup and restore module, applied the changes and rebooted the box once again. After that I then set up the schedules again and my box is now backing up and ftp’ing to my backup server correctly. I know this fix may not work for everyone but it did the trick for me.



Hi all,

I also had this problem after an upgrade on both of my boxes but now I have found a solution. Might not be the answer in your cases, but worth a look.

Incidentally, a new virgin install of FreePBX version 2.7 on a new box also failed to backup with the same symptoms yesterday so it is 2.7 related.

I checked the scripts and noticed - eventually - that ampbackup.php did not have executable right.

To fix this, simply run from a command line with suitable rights:

chmod 755 /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/bin/ampbackup.php

Hope that helps.

this was fixed but apparently not published out.

It has now been published and should be available for download.

I’ve just updated the Backup and Restore module to and can confirm its now working.

Thanks Phillipe.

I have a problem with backup and restore using freepbx 2.6 and backup & restore module If i create a backup manualy (Using the run backup now option) everything works ok, however if i schedule a backup then it does not work. Maybe the cronjob for the schedule is failing? New to linux so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.