Freepbx backup dynamic backupname

Similarly to the 7 year old question without an answer in 24571, i was wondering the same thing:

is it possible to use a variable, such as the hostname or ip in the backup name ?

no, the backup has a format it uses during parsing. That said in 15 with the filestore module you can put the backup in to a different folder on your remote storage which relates to your server.

Thanks for the reply!

I meant, because we can set the backup name in freepbx,
and then select “Append Backup Name as a directory to the Storage path”,
so if we could set the backup name in freepbx to %hostname% and my storagepath is /backups/pbx it would create /backups/pbx/%hostname%/backupfile

it’s ofcourse not much work to do manually, but automation is kind of a thing these days,
so it would be a nice to have to put into a template for a machine.

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