FreePBX Backup and Restore on FreePBX that has a different modules version

I just installed FreePBX on another machine and I need to restore a backup from our live FreePBX. Do I need to make the version of the modules to be the exact version of the modules of our live FreePBX before restoring the backup? The problem is that if I try to update the newly setup FreePBX then the module versions have now a higher version than our live one.

Example our live FreePBX has the System Admin module version 14.0.33 and the newly set up FreePBX has version 14.0.13. If I try to upgrade the newly set up, the available update is which is not the same as the live FreePBX.

Ideally the module versions will match, but it’s not critical. Once you restore the backup, you can upgrade all modules to current. On rare occasions a restore can result in a downgrade of a module that breaks the GUI, in which case you can upgrade all from the command line with

fwconsole ma upgradeall

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