FreePBX Azure Marketplace install Ubuntu

I am trying to install FreePBX via the Azure Marketplace install on ubuntu. I am running into several challenges.

  1. After completing the install - where do I find the deployment Id or the serial number. Either is required to open a case with Sangroma?
  2. How is the product actually activated?
  3. I have attached a sip trunk but neither of my inbound or outbound calls have audio on them. When using a freepbx locally, I was able to verify on the network settings in sysadmin, which is not available here.
  4. Both my contact IP and external IP are yellow, and not green, assuming that is contributing to my issue.


You will not be able to activate FreePBX that is installed on Ubuntu. You can install a FreePBX Distro from the Azure Marketplace or install it locally and import it to Azure.

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