FreePBX audit trail logs


I have been using FreePBX for some time and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t provide audit trail logs (I’m hoping to be wrong).

I have a potential customer (a public university in the Caribbean) that is requesting this functionality.

Does anyone here knows of a module or are there any plans to add this to FreePBX in the future?


Arismonty Beato

Ok, not sure how “detailed” you want…but there’s a developer log as well,

Go to your Advanced Setting, look for section “Developer…”, tinker with that and see if that helps

What version you’re using? Cause in 2.10 there’s freepbx.log in /var/log/asterisk/ tho…

Thank you sanjayws,

I will check again the contents of freepbx.log to see if it delivers the detail that is being requested, which is basically tracking of configuration changes. (For example, if someone changed a trunk configuration, which trunk was it, and if possible, what fields of the trunk config).

I know this is a complex feature from a developer’s perspective. Now I’ve found this thread and it explains that the level of tracking detail I’m talking about is not possible today.

Arismonty Beato