FreePBX (AsteriskNow) fax to email problem - same doc being sent

Hello all,

Please bear with a newcomer to the group, but I’ve not been able to fathom this particular issue at all!

We have a client using the built-in fax to email within FreePBX. Everything has been working well (or as well as can be expected with fax over SIP!), but they’ve called me this morning with a problem…

For the last few days - every fax received, has had the same document in it. So a fax sent to them from one client had an attachment - say an invoice. Now every subsequent fax received is showing the exact same invoice? I’ve sent hem a fax from here with the words “this is a test”, but the received document only has the invoice that was sent to them a few days ago?

I’m at a loss as to where to start - my our current asterisk expert is at a loss as he only uses pure asterisk, not a distro.

Can some kind soul offer any advice as to where to look, or suggest a solution?

Many thanks.

The bad news is that, unless your customer is using the FaxPro module, this probably isn’t really a distro question either.

Most older (more than, say, 6 months) installations that are doing FAX are doing it using one of the many different FAX “improvements” that have been available for years. This is deep Asterisk magic, and if your Asterisk guy is good enough to claim “only pure Asterisk”, he should be more help.

So, to start, look in the /var/log/asterisk/full file for the incoming FAX. In there, you should find the interaction between your FAX solution and the system. My guess is that there’s a database problem that is preventing the attachment from the FAX process getting saved to the right file, or the attachment variable isn’t getting reset correctly.

While you’re on the base machine (probably as root), you might also check the “usual suspects” like /tmp directory permissions, file system integrity, and database integrity in the MySQL databases that are getting used.


Dave (@cynjut), receiving faxes is still free, Andrew (@tm1000 ) reconfirmed it about a week ago…


@oasistechnology I agree with what Dave said as to the cause, check what he suggested and, of course, your logs…

If anything looks suspicious in those logs and you are not sure how to fix it post an excerpt of them here…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Thanks Nick and Dave. I’ve grep’d the full log for anything to do with fax, and it looks ok couple of - but that’s in my inexperienced eyes.

Will keep looking!


No sooner did I hit send on my last reply - I got a call from the end user…

In the interim - we’d had our provider divert the affected number to an external fax to email service that we use, but instead of the emails being sent to the customers’ reception - we’d sent it to their faxes@ distribution group.

I’ve just been told that - everyone else is receiving the email attachments perfectly - all except for the reception PC. So after all that - it looks like an issue with the reception users’ mailbox! So hours of hassle and head-scratching were all for nothing!

But I’d like to thank those who replied - at least I don’t need to look any further :slight_smile: