Freepbx asterisk debian


i have 2 identical machines, each debian 4, apt-get asterisk, with out addons, freepbx via wget and install script.

Everything was fine, both machine had their trunk to fwd, intra-company trunks etc. both machines er behind NAT, sip clients etc.

… then i realized i wanted to have all the addons, and because they are not in the debian package, i decided to take just machine A and
1)uninstalled asterisk via apt-get remove
2)downloadad asterisk v1.4 via wget, as well as the addons and installed them via make. i did make samples as well.
3)after that i downloaded the freepbx and run the install script

now i can hear the voice at no 1000, my trunks and sip clients are still in the freepbx, but for eg i cant see the online trunk in the asterisk cli!!! whats going on? i even cant connect with my softphone sip client (xlite : no registration…), althoug i didnt chage anything to the accounts etc.

am i missing something here???

Is your Asterisk running? Your FreePBX running? Your MySQL backend running? You don’t give much to go on to provide any assistance.

Trunks should show in the FreePBX System Status view, although you don’t mention anything about the kind of trunks you’re using. For example with SIP trunks, you can go to the asterisk command line and say:

sip show peers