FreePBX & Asterisk & Debian & Hylafax & TDM400

HI All,

i have the following setup:
Debian Machine, Asterisk (running), Freepbx (running), Hylafax (running), Avantfax (runnig). my problem is the setup:

i have:

  • a iax intra office trunk to another location: working
  • a FWD iax-trunk: working
  • SIP trunk(s) with FreeDigits just to have a few more numbers
  • a ZAPTEL TDM400 channel: working (for voice, in & out)

i want: FAX::
right now, i think i could follow these scenarios to accompish faxing:
analog line <> TDM400 <> ZAPTEL <> Asterisk <> Hylafax <> AVANTFAX

eth2 <> SIP Trunk <>asterisk <> hylafax <> avantfax

are these the possible scenarios? what are other possible scenarios? im not quite sure at the point.

i tried to hook up my TDM400 direct to an extension (IAXMODEM) , but the fax never shows up. bottom line, i need a guidance at this point, first the possible sceanrios, then a step-step guide.

are there any FAXoIP Provider out there? I couldnt find one…

thx in advance

This is all in my opinion:

Keep your faxes outside of Asterisk if at all possible. You’re not doing DID faxing anyway, so just put a FAX modem on a serial port on your Debian box and configure Hylafax to send your faxes via email.

Unless you want to share a line for voice and FAX, that’s probably your best bet (until * can be used as a t.38 end point, anyway.)

are there any FAXoIP Provider out there? I couldnt find one…[/quote]

There are lots, but they take care of all of it for you and charge per page. It’s not a bad solution if your fax volume is low. Google “efax”. Also, some TSPs will do t.38, but you need a t.38 capable endpoint. So, for example, you could:

TSP<->Asterisk(1.4 at least)<->T.38capableATA<->Fax Modem<->Hylafax

There are lots and lots of ways of achieving your goal.