FreePBX Asterisk Call files playing system recording list


In the asterisk call files I use Application Playback to play custom/hello per example.

How could I play a system recording, like the list of recordings that I save in the system recordings admin module in freepbx. That would be appreciated.

Example, I want to play custom hello and then I want to play please enter that using multiple recordings and play that in an asterisk call file so I can use another platform to trigger it.

Thanks in advance


If your default language is EN, then

ls /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom

if otherwise replace ‘en’ with your one.

No not one sound recording, a list from system recordings… Like sound 1 and then sound 2

what is your default language? what is the unique name of any file you have have successfully uploaded via the GUI

I use english. I don’t want to play one file, I want to play multiple files.

I have gotten it to work with one file but not with two here is .call file

Channel: LOCAL/9098@ext-paging
Application: Playback
Data: custom/doorbell-phone

This works fine for only playing on file.

So let’s say I wanted to play custom/doorbell-phone and then custom/doorbell-phone-announce, without having to make it one file, it would be more quick and easy for me because I have like 20 .call paging files.


Data: custom/doorbell-phone&custom/doorbell-phone-announce
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Thanks ! It works, why was everyone telling me to use commas it would not work.

Thanks again

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