Freepbx asking for a password on outgoing calls


I’m in the process of building a new freepbx system. I build my trunk as pjsip (since that’s what matches my extensions) and I’m putting in the correct username and password for the outgoing routes, but when I try to make an outbound phone call, it asks for a password. Any suggestions?

Sounds like you set up a PIN on the outgoing route.

Of course, without the context of the specific request, that’s just a guess.

Please, please, please show us what you are talking about. We are not mind readers. Screenshots and/or logs of the call are the only way we can get away from you saying “Nope, guess again.” until we all give up and walk away.

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It looks like that did the trick. I swear I tried that once already. But none the lass, thanks for the help!

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