Freepbx/Aserisk & Digium Phones using visual voicemail

I have been using Asterisk for awhile and started with FreePBX like a lot of people. I have been using Yealink phones as of late and saw some videos on the Digium Phones with Visual Voice Mail. I am struggling with just trying to get the Digium Phone to work with Freepbx. It keeps complaining that I don’t have a DPMA license. Is that something I have to get a license with Digium? I called them and they said no yet I can’t get the OSS Endpoint manager to talk to the Digium Phone. I get "Verbose(“Message/ast_msg_queue”, “No Valid DPMA License found. Module is loaded but disabled. Please reload module once valid license is installed.”) in new stack.

Is this a license that has to be purchased from FreePBX to use a phone. At this point I feel like sending the phone back and sticking with Yealink with this much trouble trying to simple get the phone to register with FreePBX. The Yealinks register without any issue.

I can’t seem to contact FreePBX so I will try to see if I can find any help here. Anything would be appreciated.

Last question. If the Digium phones work with FreePBX does the Visual Voicemail work on Asterisk with FreePBX.

FreePBX Base Version: 2.11.0
FreePBX Framework Version:
FreePBX Core Version:

I am using the FreePBX distibution and keep it pretty much updated as new modules come out.


You do need a free license to use DPMA.

Have you done any research on DPMA? There is tons of info out there.

Or you can use the Commercial EPM and Rest Apps which do not require DPMA. Also OSS EPM does not support Digium phones last I knew.