FreePBX as alternative option for Call Manager 10.5.x


We do have currently CCUM 10.5 with 7911 SCCP - about 200 phones. All Cisco license is a nightmare and also using Call manager is really painful. I believe FreePBX is a way easier is it works stable.

We use Informcast for paging with Call manager. If I switch to FreePbx am I still able to use Informacast for paging ? Changing SCCP to SIP on 200 is not a big deal. Apparently these phones will be changed in feature for other SIP phones. I wonder what SIP phones have good loud speakers since we use these phones for emergency paging. Or in last case scenario I can use FreePBX paging and get ride of Informacast.

What are your thoughts in using FreePBX in places where phone system is critical in emergency situation?

Well outside of flashing them all to SIP you would need to install the UCM patch for Asterisk or most of the features won’t work. These phones were 100% designed for the UCM and it’s Cisco, they have their own way for things. So a lot of the features are based on things between the UCM and phone and not standard in other deployments.

You could also stay with SCCP and install that on FreePBX but again you’ll have to install more patches and extra things to support this since there’s no native SCCP support in FreePBX.

thank you, is there any documentation on how to to do patching? I assume I will find something. Do you know any phones with loud speakers?

Search for my many posts on using Chan-SCCP-B and SCCP Manager in the forums.

It doesn’t require patching of Asterisk, and the Wiki I wrote on the Chan-SCCP-B page on GitHub describes the basic steps you need to get this working.

Thank you cynjut - I would rather avoid SCCP and would like to use SIP instead.

This would be a good day to stock up on replacement phones, then (15% off if you buy by the case):

OK - if you really want to do this the hardest way possible, go for it. Stop back by in a couple of weeks and let us know what you’re having problems with.

for just dialing and have these phones do I really need all the features ?

If you have informacast DO NOT switch. You will need to stay on call manager.
Singlewire has a great product and very full featured, but it has tight integration with call manager and the firmware of the cisco phones.

If you move, I guarantee you will lose some functionality of the phones themselves, but you will lose almost all features from informacast.

Thank you cyr0nk0r - I will reach out to Informcats if this is a case here. Unless I get ride of infmracast along with CCUM. I am sure it can be replaced with something even cheaper and easier. I dont mind informacast in terms of using or even price but CCUM with its license model - it SUCKS and period. Its the worst model ever and license is so expensive.

I have found really nice article about phone system and replacing CISCO:

I did 8 years in public K-12 with CUCM and informacast at 3 different districts.
If the licensing is the hang up, talk with your Cisco rep and tell them you’re considering moving off call manager to see if they can get aggressive with renewals.

Also, have you looked at E-RATE as a solution to help offset some of the costs of the renewal? Call Manager licensing is a USAC covered item. Speak with your VAR / Integrator to see if they can help you draft an e-rate application for the licensing.

you are most likely right, we never had any issues with CCUM and its VERY stable, the only problem is license,

what about if I just add FreePbx using sip trunk as addition to CCUM and with few SIP phones start using?

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