FreePBX as a slave / Flash over PSTN FXO gateway


My FreePBX is a slave system, presently with one gateway HT813 connected over FXO to internal port of Panasonic. Panasonic is connected to ext E1.
The problem is:
External line in Panasonic calls internal extension in FreePBX trough inbound route in FreePBX.
I would like to give possibility on the FreePBX extension (during connection) to enter eg. *3 feature code to send flash on the FXO port (attended transfer to Panasonic). In this case, Panosonic will give possibility to transfer its connection to other internal number.

Thanks in advance,


Simply, added line to features_applicationmap_custom.conf
testfeature => #9,callee,Flash,()
testfeature => #9

and restarted asterisk.
But… I’ve tried this config before without succes. It started to work after installation and configuration from scratch new instance of FreePBX on new machine. In the previous installation, after adding config, there was strange behavior. * made a diconnect and # attended transfer. Now everything working as expected.


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