FreePBX Appliance to PRI Old Analog Phone System

Good Afternoon,

I have a situation than i am unsure of how to solve and I am hoping the fine folks here may be able to point me in the correct direction.

I have a situation where the client has an old analog system onsite that usually works through ATT PRI connections. I need to find a way to connect a FreePBX Appliance to the old system through some kind of PRI connection to provide them some kind of trunk/connection out over SIP. Is that possible? I know there are cards that work with PRI but i was unsure if they worked in this kind of situation. Any ideas on hardware or a set-up that would work?

There are T1/E1 ‘cards’ that use DAHDI but you are probably better off using a ‘gateway’ device that converts PRI D channels to a SIP ‘trunk’

a more budget friendly solution would be a ‘cisco voip router’ like

To get the best out of your situation then depending on your old system

might get you started

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