FreePBX Appliance DOA

So this is the second appliance that when booted up for the first time it tells you it there is a problem with the media.

Is QA asleep at the wheel? Guess I will have to RMA it.

It’s telling you there’s a problem with PXE boot. Might want to go into the BIOS settings and make sure the local disk is selected as a boot option.

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Yes that was the problem. I found that shortly after posting. It came with no SSD in the boot order in BIOS. Super strange!! Still a QA issue as that should have been caught but at least its not a hardware defect this means I dont have to RMA.


I had the same issue with a brand new PBXact appliance in the last week or so. The boot order (on the ‘Boot’ tab) appeared to be set to use one of the IBA GE Slots, instead of the SSD.

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