Freepbx and VMWARE 15

Hi all
I’m trying to setup a freepbx server on VMWARE 15 but I got one problem. I have read the previous posts but they don’t seem to resolve my problem.
I want to configure two networks on my server in VMWARE : one for the updates of my server and the other to be able to access locally to my server.
So i put the vnet0 on NAT and I’m able to make updates but when I want to put a static address on the other interface(vnet0) I lost the internet connection.
My freepbx server must also be able to connect to a gsm gateway on a external network.
I’ve probably missed something but I don’t know what.
Is someone could help me?

What’s the point of having two NICs, one for SIP and one of Internet Access?

Exactly one for SIP
The second to activate freepbx download packages and make updates

Yeah. But what do gain by doing so? Eyes the issue having one NIC?

Is there a possibility to configure one NIC to do these 2 things?I don’t think

Yes. Absolutely!

Could you give me an example please?
I have configured my VMWARE in mode bridge with the address
How can I configure it to have internet access now ?

You gotta figure out the VMWare settings. FreePBX works with a single NIC.

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