Freepbx and VMWARE 15

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(Toure Amidou) #1

Hi all
I’m trying to setup a freepbx server on VMWARE 15 but I got one problem. I have read the previous posts but they don’t seem to resolve my problem.
I want to configure two networks on my server in VMWARE : one for the updates of my server and the other to be able to access locally to my server.
So i put the vnet0 on NAT and I’m able to make updates but when I want to put a static address on the other interface(vnet0) I lost the internet connection.
My freepbx server must also be able to connect to a gsm gateway on a external network.
I’ve probably missed something but I don’t know what.
Is someone could help me?

(Itzik) #2

What’s the point of having two NICs, one for SIP and one of Internet Access?

(Toure Amidou) #3

Exactly one for SIP
The second to activate freepbx download packages and make updates

(Itzik) #4

Yeah. But what do gain by doing so? Eyes the issue having one NIC?

(Toure Amidou) #5

Is there a possibility to configure one NIC to do these 2 things?I don’t think

(Itzik) #6

Yes. Absolutely!

(Toure Amidou) #7

Could you give me an example please?
I have configured my VMWARE in mode bridge with the address
How can I configure it to have internet access now ?

(Itzik) #8

You gotta figure out the VMWare settings. FreePBX works with a single NIC.

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