FreePBX and Vega 100G ISDN outbound trunk Caller ID issue

I’ve had my FreePBX setup for 3+ years using a Vega 100G GW ISDN gateway for outbound and inbound trunks. However, recently I started experiencing random issues where people I call randomly get unknown caller ID displaying and sometimes get the correct one that I am sending through FreePBX. It’s very random and I just don’t know what is wrong. I am guessing something on the Vega 100G GW. Can anyone help?

Not without logs.

What kind of logs can I post to help? I’m completely baffled by this. I have my outbound caller ID set in the outbound trunk. In the CID Option i selected Force Trunk CID (I also tried all the other options) Whatever I change my CID option too doesn’t get reflected in the call. It’s as if the Sangoma is ignoring it.

My outgoind PEER settings is (The host IP is the IP of the Sangoma Vega 100G):


Would really appreciate some help on this. thanks.

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