FreePBX and SIP Paging, modern Solutions, and Analog Interfacing

Where I work, we have a mix of Newer and older intercom systems. Most of them were interfacing with old analog phone systems, and or digital/analog PBX’s. Since moving to a centralized FreePBX box, and going all VOIP, it has come to my attention that at all of our schools, the OLD phone system was Integrated with the intercom system…I have been investigating SIP Paging Gateways/Adapters and More modern solutions such as SIP speakers, attached to a SIP client that auto answers.

Many of our schools would like to interface with the system they already have, some will be willing to go a new route, such as SIP speakers/Clients.

It needs to be budget-friendly…Does anyone know any affordable commercial and or open source solutions, that are still easy to set up and implement? Any information and or suggestion is welcome. :slight_smile: The more modern and KISS the better :wink: This can include KISS methods for interfacing with onsite paging and intercom systems already in place :wink:

FreePBX is amazingly school friendly when it comes this. We’ve had many discussions on here and discussed approaches that work within specific hardware constraints, so I’d be surprised to see one that we haven’t hit yet. Search for “school” and manually filter out the transparent requests for “implementation” solutions where people are asking us to do their homework. :slight_smile:

Different hardware will have different solutions, obviously, and sometimes the solution can be as simple as plugging in an inexpensive “intercom” interface that will talk to your existing system. If you have specifics, I’m sure there are people here that do as well.

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