FreePBX and Sangoma phones, advantages?

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I rolled out about 30 Sangoma S500s before moving on to Yealink T46S/G, which is what I sell now exclusively (in addition to paid EPM). My problems with Sangoma phones:

  • Sketchy firmware - Last one I tried a few weeks ago made the handset volume way too loud, had to roll it back
  • Failure rate is worse than Yealink
  • Slow interface
  • In past firmwares G722 codec created high send volumes, so I only deploy G711 on these devices.
    Send Volumes
  • Could never get a sidecar to work properly

With all that said, they are reliable enough for day to day, but not worth the cost of free phone apps and EPM. While visual voicemail is nice, my clients don’t seem to care. Most have voicemail to email which bridges the gap.

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Just to add some additional feedback. I initially started with Sangoma S300, S305, S400 and S705s. The biggest complaints I had were in regards to delay when dialing and microphone volume on the handset. Based off of using them for a couple of years, they are at least holding up. The S705s have been the ones we’ve had the most issues with, mainly when performing firmware updates and issues with dialing.

In terms of the comments about the Sangoma phones being slow, make sure you changed the following setting:

It was enabled by default and always slowed down the loading of any apps. I also had to turn off BLF Alerts, as that would cause a beep and delay as well. With those two changes, the phones were much more responsive and comparable to Yealinks.

Overall, I ended up using Yealinks in a majority of our locations, as the build quality was better and the microphone picked up better. We have lots of users that tend to hold the microphone portion close to their neck, so the Sangoma’s are basically muted and the Yealinks work a little better.

In terms of failures, I purchased about 100+ Sangoma phones and haven’t had to return one yet. On the flip side, we purchased about 200+ Yealink and have had to return 4 due to failures. We’ve only been using the Yealinks for a year.

In terms of usage, I liked the S305 for a basic wall phone. The Yealink T41S is what I use for a majority of our general locations. Then we have the Yealink T46S for places that need extra BLF keys.

Hopefully this helps!


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