Freepbx and Samsung DCS pbx

I set up successfully Freepbx 2.4.0. I’ve got some SIP phones like Grandstream BT100 and Siemens S450 working well with it. In our offices we have an old Samsung DCS Compact pbx. I’m a little bit confused. Is it possible to connect Freepbx to the DCS pbx with a FXO card using an analog line coming from one of the internal of DCS pbx ? What is the better solution in order to have a gateway between VOIP phones and the DCS pbx internal phones ?

Thanks in advance.

Samsung calls it’s FXS ports SLI - Single Line Interface - if you have some of these available, they could be the feeder lines into your Asterisk-Based system - this would mean that the Asterisk would be extensions hanging off of the Samsung - this is probably the LEAST flexible setup, but the FreePBX extensions could call the DCS extensions - DCS extensions could call the FreePBX extensions, but only on a port-by-port basis - not very flexible.

The other way (better) is to get some FXS ports on your Asterisk, and feed a Trunk Card on the Samsung - in this case the Asterisk would look like the Outside World to the Samsung, but the advantage would be that you could massage what the Samsung was sending, the IP phones could call the Samsung phones, and you would have better control over what went where on the Samsung.

The DCS Compact is OLD though - expect problems.


Thanks for the reply.
Can I use a Linksys SPA3102 attached on his FXO with an internal (analog) line of the DCS ?
My purpose is to pass voip calls to the DCS phones.

Thanks in advance