FreePBX and OpenVox D130E PRI ISDN30 PCIe Card


First post here, just looking for some help.

I have a HPE ML30 tower server and have installed a OpenVox D130E ISDN30 UK Card, when I go in to “Config DAHDI” it has not detected the card.

Previously I installed Elastix 4 on this server and it detected the card fine.

I have installed FreePBX 10.13.66 with Asterisk Version 13.12.1.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks - Dean

You need the Openvox Drivers, go to the Openvox site and check their wiki for installation instructions. The difference is that Elastix had a partnership with Openvox and the distro had the drivers installed by default but FreePBX doesn’t.

Odd how the IDSN2 Card OpenVox B400E works fine.

It’s listed on the site as supported:-

That card did not require patches I woudl assume. But all newer openvox cards require DAHDI to be patched so you will need to follow their guide on that.

Ditched OpenVox for ISDN30 (PRI) for Sangoma Card now and same for ISDN2 (BRI) although B400 OpenVox is a clone of Digium card and works fine. But Sangoma won us over as its low profile card so fits in HPE Gen 10 Microservers :slight_smile:

Thanks for buying something that supports FreePBX and Asterisk. :slight_smile:

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