Freepbx and MS AD integration purpose


I have freepbx which is integrated with Microsoft AD. If I have to say sincerely, I am newbie on it.
Now, I can see extension numbers and AD users in FreePBX. The way I want to use is that when I login to my PC with AD account, I want my SIP client to be configured with freePBX extension number (not with secret in Freepbx). If there is a way to do that, please kindly help me.

Kyaw Thu

I don’t think that’s possible, at least with not a substantial code change to how FreePBX registers SIP devices. The standard method of registering a SIP client on the network is with the extension and secret.

I’ve only used the AD Authentication to get my end users into the UCP.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I think there’s a lot of coding that would be needed in order to accomplish this. I’d be very interested though to hear if I’m wrong.

Dear Kyle,

I really appreciate your reply. By enabling UCP for users, I can login to UCP by AD account and download some pieces of software like sangoma. After installing Sangoma and try to login with it, it says “This pbx is not supported. Please contact your administrator.” Please kindly share me if you have got some experience about UCP feature. I am sorry, I am so new to freepbx.

Kyaw Thu

I am sorry, I’m not familiar with any Sangoma software you can download from the UCP. I’ve only used third party SIP clients in the past, and those needed the extension and secret to authenticate.

I use AD with sangoma Desktop, each user enters the AD user and password and the phone is configured with the assigned extension, without using the ucp or sip passwords

Even using UCP people use AD credentials

You just need to change the user settings in freepbx

Users input AD credentials in Sangoma Desktop to configure phones with assigned extensions, bypassing UCP or SIP passwords. Adjusting user settings in FreePBX enables this configuration.

Dear RoseCliver,

Thank you so much. I did as you suggest. I configure sangoma desktop with the following things.

server : IP address of freepbx:6443
User : my domain user name
pass : my domain password

But when i log in, it says “this pbx is not supported. please contact with your administrator.”

If you use FreePBX integrated with AD, please kindly instruct me with screenshot. I am sorry, I am newbie on freepbx.

Best Regards,
Kyaw Thu

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