FreePBX, and H323 channel

why AsteriskNow and FreePBX doesn’t come with H323 channel? and how to install it on running system without rebuilding asterisk from the scratch?

FreePBX doesn’t support h.323 channel type other than via a custom extension. This does not create h.323 dial plan.

As far as what modules Asterisk now includes, it would be best to ask those folks. We don’t support or know anything about that software other than they include an old version of FreePBX.

is there any work around for this? i can install H.323 channel on asterisk, but unfortunately to install it i have to remove asterisk first and rebuild it with the required dependencies, after that freepbx shows no asterisk, how to rebuild freepbx again?

Use ooh323, its pretty stable in Asterisk 1.8.

  1. Upgrade to 1.8, download the source into /usr/src or something like that
  2. go into /usr/src/asterisk1.8…/ run ./configure
  3. do a, make menuselect, then the menu comes up, use ooh323 in Add-ons
  4. do a make && make install

Open up and edit the file /etc/asterisk/ooh323.conf

<here’s a sample for trunking>
port = 1720
bindaddr = yourinternalIP
gatekeeper = DISABLE
progress_setup = 8
progress_alert = 8


  1. Restart amportal

If all goes well, in asterisk cli, you should be able to see ooh323 when running “module show like”

Then on FreePBX, you got to build either custom trunks/extensions

for trunks, the format should be like this in Dial pattern

Didn’t try/use extensions tho, you probably need to populate the extensions on ooh323.conf, then create custom extensions with the similar DIAL but instead would probably be

Where h323extension1000 was defined in the ooh323.conf file.

Sanjay’s post is spot on.

thats perfect, let me try it and i’ll let you know

maybe this link

will be useful