FreePBX and Groundwire (push notifications)


Does anyone here use Groundwire as their mobile phone app? I am using it for a while as it is the best, least amount of bugs softphone app I could find.

The only problem with it is the fact it turns off the app in the background every few hours.

For a phone system this is a pretty big problem. Imagine if you could only receive phone calls if you went in and opened the app every few hours, if you don’t do that you will not get any call on your phone. It leads to a lot of calls being missed.

I have the Groundwire setting for incoming calls to ‘Standard’. This is not the default on Groundwire I believe, with the default being Push notifications. But they wouldnt work for my phone. If I got them working, i would not have to deal with the app being closed in the background every few hours, because push notifications do not have the app open they use a different system.

Has anyone used push notifications with groundwire here on FreePBX? There are about 10 people in my company using Groundwire on their phone and push notifications option doesn’t work for any of them, so its likely a problem with FreePBX I think

Have you looked at the FAQ[1] for push notifications for Groundwire?

[1] (Acrobits Apps) About Push Notifications

I have read through all Acrobits documentation and even been emailing them but no avail (as in, they have replied and tried to help but it didnt get push working). I will try again though because I may have missed some stuff.

I can only say that from the perspective of Asterisk and FreePBX there is nothing special. The only thing that would stop their push notification server from doing SIP to your server would be firewall rules.

the way that the “voodoo” works in general is the app can be idle or closed. Their server holds open a registration with the pbx. When a call comes in they send a push notification with an “intent”. The phone says who is responsible for this and launches the app. Note this is all done with no knowledge to FreePBX or Asterisk. It is simply another endpoint.

Push notifications themselves use a token which may expire or change. For brevity lets say the token is a word like “horseStaple” when your device registers. If after a few hours the token changes for some reason your phone won’t get the push that is sent for token “horseStaple”. The fact that it works if you relaunch the app makes me think the token is simply being refreshed. Again this is all done without the knowledge of your pbx.


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