Freepbx and fax

I have freepbx server with E1 connection ,I need a help on how to setup a fax on freepbx (I mean fax-to-fax NOT fax-to-email)…I looked for an older post related to this issue but I didnt find a clear step by step procedure on how to define fax on freepbx…

Thanks in advance…

You read the post I made eight posts up?

Basically, plug the FAX machines into FXS ports and direct the incoming FAX calls to those extensions. No FAX detection is needed.

this is the situation we have:
we have two fax machines and two numbers coming through E1 that will be dedicated for faxing so we need to send/receive faxes using fax machine (NOT efax)…what is the best solution for such case??

HylaFAX may or may not be the best solution for you, but lack of features or capability won’t be a problem you’ll encounter. Hylafax is a fax server that is capable of running anything from one analog modem to multiple full PRIs via special dedicated hardware. Basically, you plug in a modem or modems and it can send and receive faxes through them.

That’s what IAXModem does: Imitate a modem that is plugged into an IAX extension. IAXModem ties Asterisk and HylaFAX together.

Where you might be confused is that HylaFAX doesn’t connect to your fax machine, it replaces it. To send you scan to a file and submit the file to be faxed. I prefer a simple fax machine for basic office faxing, but HylaFAX does allow you to have any user submit fax jobs from their desktop.


as far as I know Hylafax and IAXMODEM are for fax-to-email…not fax-to-fax?
any other suggestions???

We don’t send many faxes via HylaFAX, but we have no reliability issues with Hylafax, and we have been using it for years, both via Asterisk and IAXModem and via POTS lines and analog modems.

As for getting it working, it’s quite straightforward.

1.) Create an IAX extension.
2.) Install IAXModem and configure for that extension.
3.) Install HylaFAX and setup to use IAXModem.
4.) Setup FaxDispatch to send faxes to where you want them.

— OR —

Install Elastix and:

1.) Create an IAX extension.
2.) Create a Virtual Fax via the Fax tab of the GUI.


Hi Tom
do you get failure or dropping when you try to send Faxes??
what is the type of the fax machine you are using?
could you please provide me with a link to step by step procedure that I can follow to get Hylafax and IAXmodem working without any problem…

what about the quality??!can I send faxes without any problem??
hello Tom,
as I knew ‘IAXModem and Hylafax’ are for receiving faxes on email address…
I want to send faxes without dropping or at least to decrease the percentage of dropping…what about FFA (Fax for Asterisk from Digium)

Quality is excellent using HylaFAX. We have had some issues with receiving faxes, but only on really old, esoteric equipment (underground gasoline tank monitors). We currently have three IAXModems configured as a ring group so that we can send or receive up to three simultaneous faxes via the PRI.

Having said that, FFA might very well be a better solution and should be easily integrated with FreePBX. The Free version is limited to one incoming channel at a time, but that should work for many users, and you can always use the paid version if that’s not enough. However, I am not certain that FFA allows you to send faxes through asterisk, and HylaFAX does.

Of course, there’s nothing keeping you from running both, either!


Your best bet here is to plug the fax machine into an FXS port, so as to avoid any weirdness introduced by an ATA connected via SIP.

1.) Create a ZAP extension for the FXS port.
2.) Create an inbound route for your incoming fax DID on the E1.
3.) Disable fax detection on the inbound route; all incoming calls are faxes.
4.) Point the inbound route to the FXS extension.
5.) There is no step 5.

Once you have that working, you might look in to setting up IAXModem and Hylafax. It’s pretty easy, and allows you to receive multiple fax channels on the same DID, provides for e-mail delivery of faxes as PDFs, etc. Sending can be more complicated, but works quite well with a scanner and the proper client software. Besides, you can always continue to use your fax machine to send.


so you just want to pass the calls through from the E1 to the fax machine? Then there is no need for the server to do any fax detection at all. simply make your inbound route such as to pass calls with the fax DID to the fax machine.

thanks for replies
freepbx server connected to PSTN via E1 connection and I have the option to connect the fax machine to FXS port or through ATA …I want to send and recieve faxes from fax machine through freepbx server…
note:we are using digium cards.

As Peter says, we need more information here. Please be specific about what you want to achieve, as the solutions will vary. For example:

I want to be able to plug a fax machine into my Asterisk box as an extension and send and receive faxes via the fax machine. We are connected to the PSTN via a PRI through a Digium card.

As much information as possible, please!

Connection to telco: SIP, IAX, PRI, POTS, etc
Connection to Fax machine: Dahdi, SIP ATA, etc.


You want to receive a FAX from telco (or SIP?) and then FAX it back out to another number?

I have a project that I need to propose to a telco here in Belgium.

We have our own DSL line with Sip routeurs including FXS port linked to FaxMachines.
We would like to register these FXS/ATA to a FreePBX (linked to a PRI with a Digium Card) and send out faxes from faxmachines via ATA/FXS through Freepbx to the PRI.
Is it a good idea for you?

For incoming, we will receive the faxes from a sip provider in T38.
So the path will be rom the provider in T38 to the FreePbx to the ATA/FXS to the faxmachine.
Is it a good idea for you?

In my country this would be a killing application form very small companies who would like to keep faxmachines.

Thanks for your reply.