FreePBX and fax


I’ve installed a new PBX. I’m using a TDM400 card with 1 FXO and 3 FXS. To the second FXS I’ve connected the external fax machine. Now the configuration:

AsteriskNow (The latest version)
One dahdi trunk that uses analog channel 0 (the FXO channel)
One inbound route with fax detection enabled and default destination a ring Group
One outbound route that use the trunk that I’ve created
I’ve created a dahdi extension for fax that uses the FXS channel
Fax detection was turned on in dahdi settings

The problem is: I can receive fax without problems, but I can’t send them. Asterisk Always answers “fax detected but no fax extension” and a voice invites me to retray.

I hope you can help me

Marco :slight_smile: