FreePBX and Early Video w/ Video Doorstations (Axis A8105-E)


I’m using a bunch of Grandstream phones (e.g., WP820, GXV3370, etc.) along with an Axis A8105-E Doorstation.

When connecting peer-to-peer early video is working (e.g., someone rings to the doorbell and the phone starts showing video and ringing the phone). When connecting through FreePBX the early media/video is just blank.

I think I’ve tried every permutation/configuration option to get this going. Does anyone know how to get early media/video going with FreePBX? My preference is to run the doorstation through FreePBX so I can use ringgroups and voicemail.

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I don’t see any settings related to this. I think you should search for Asterisk config, and if you find something we may be able to help you getting it to work.

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Hello @tuffcalc,

Do you use SIP or PJSIP in your configuration?

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In this case SIP - but also tried PJSIP and couldn’t get it working.

Tried all the suggestions here as well to get a direct connection…

More info here -

Any help is appreciated!

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Hello @tuffcalc,

Make sure that you enabled the video support in the sip advanced settings. Add the values prematuremedia=no and progressinband=yes to the sip general settings:


Then validate that your extensions support the needed video codecs (usually h.264).

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Appreciate the reply… but still a no-go (I had tried this before).

I’ll keep plugging away.

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Hello @tuffcalc,

If this configuration is not working for you, it means that the Axis is not initiating a video call when someone is pressing the call button. Check this video as well

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Definitley not the case…

I purchased a Grandstream UCM6202 to test. Setup the Axis Doorstation and grandstream phones to it. Added all the phones to a ringgroup. When the axis rings the ringgroup, video is displayed on each phone.

Something funky going on here with FreePBX.

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Hello @tuffcalc,

It is not the Freepbx but the Asterisk. But, I do not understand your problem. The phones does not even ring? Have you watched the video that Isent you?

What is exactly your complaint? that the video is not being showed before answering the call? or, that the video is not being played after answering the call?

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Sorry about that. I thought my original message was clear.

I did watch the video … but if you watch closely this person is also having the same issue I am.

When the Axis triggers the extensions in FreePBX/Asterisk there should be a preview of the video BEFORE answering the phone (Early Media). This works just fine with a UCM6202, but using FreePBX/Asterisk early media/preview video is not being shown.

So the complaint is “the video is not being showed before answering the call”.


More info here…

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Hello @tuffcalc,

According to this link, The Asterisk supports early media vith video streams. You will need to investigate your SIP traces to verify if an SDP with a video codec is arising from the Axis device (when it rings).

Is it that important to support the early media on a video stream? I think that it is not that necessary, since the door will not get opened until the person would be validated by the other side.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
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Yes. It is extremly important.

I see others have this issue with FreePBX so I’ve moved to a Grandstream UCM6202. Problem solved.

Thanks for your help.


(always good to see who is there first if one of many early media recipiants recognize the procrient , press the open button , unless of course the miscreant puts their thumb over the lens, then you can throw boiling oil with #86 )

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