Freepbx and Custom Polycom Firmware with EPM Issues

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Using VVX 411 Phones and Latest FreePBX with Latest EPM. I usually maintain the firmware with EPM by uploading the firmware into the custom slots under the Polycom folder. ie /tftpboot/polycom/1

This worked for a while until this latest EPM release with the ability to upload custom firmware from the gui. Did the old way stop working ever since that feature?

Anyway, now whenever I upload the files into that slot path and chown them accordingly the EPM Firmware Manager does not recognize it. Just shows this…

“Custom firmware is not available. Please use Custom Firmware Management to upload custom firmware”

As a side note has anyone actually had success in uploading Polycom firmware via the new gui feature? I have not because you can’t do that in just one file. The new upload feature only allows one file.

Thanks for any ideas

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