FreePBX and BulkVS

Anyone used BulkVS? Pretty awesome pricing and excellent E911 fees. I’m wondering if anyone has their settings that they can share. I can get inbound to work, but not outbound.

Have not used them. Is there support on the BulkVs side to help with this?

What do you see in the logs?

I got the outbound working, however it shows up as a private caller for CID.

There are at least four places to set your outbound caller ID. It always takes the format below:
“Name with spaces” <99999999999>

The quotes are required, so are the braces. Failing to use the proper format can result in your CID getting rejected at your ITSP. Remember, also, that the receiving phone company can modify, replace, ignore, or block completely your CID.

You can set the CID in the following:

  1. Some phones.
  2. The extension settings
  3. The Outbound Route settings
  4. The Trunk settings

Which one gets used is dependent on your options and what you choose to do with them.

Ya, it has something to do with the peer settings I think. When I just switch it to another trunk, it works fine. Only issue is with BulkVS and auth registration

Make sure that the caller ID you are trying to send is 11 digits, starting with 1 e.g. 12125551212

In your PEER Details, try adding
If no luck try

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