Freepbx and audiocodes MP-114 FXO gateway

Hi all;

I completed the installation of FreePBX. IP phones are able to communicate seamlessly with each other all the numbers in there, but I do not receive calls over the outside and the outside audicodes AudioCodes MP-114 can not call out on the line.

FreePBX with Audiocodes audiocodes’i of how to adjust to, and I do not know how to do the settings.
Information contained in this address, and

Despite the results on this page do not get to apply information.
I need help dealing with for a long time now I’m mad stage.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for your assistance.

i am not sure of how you have things plugged together - we have used audiocodes devices in lots of installations and they work great

Have you managed to configure your mp-114. I bought a Mp118 and I can not seem to configure it.