Freepbx and asterisk using old ip address in extension registration

I converted from Comcast to ATT fiber and I have an existing freepbx installation on a raspberry pi. Twilio will no longer accept an incoming call from my extension because the PJSIP VIA request has my old IP address that I haven’t used in 6 months. Twilio sends an ACK to this ip address then kills the call because it can’t get a reply. I’ve searched high and low for how to change the PJSIP’s extensions VIA address and I can’t find it. It’s associated with each extension (I have 2). I dumped the SQL database for freepbx and the old IP address is not there. I see it might be a bug in asterisk, I’ve tried to search it’s database. I’m using a dynamic dns address (because it’s a raspberry pi in my house) which isn’t support in the current Freepbx available for a raspberry pi. It looks like it might be supported in a newer Asterisk. I’m trying to avoid installing a completely new instance of freepbx and configuring it from scratch although that might be inevitable.

On FreePBX it would be under Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings → External IP address.

In Twilio it would be under the Trunk settings associated with this PBX.

Yes all of those are properly set including the sip external and the pjsip external.

Where are you seeing the old IP then?

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