FreePBX and Analog Security Panels - Any Suggestions

Hello all. We are a school Division that is converting over to FreePBX. One of the Catch 22’s we’ve run into is Legacy Security Panels. Most of our Security Panels only support Analog lines for remote access. Is there any kind of magical converter card, or solution to connect these old systems to a VOIP system and still have remote access to them via this type of solution. Sorry, I know VoIP, but I know nothing about legacy phone switching, so I will need assistance. Any suggestions that the community can provide would be deeply appreciated. Here is an example of one of the Security systems/Panels: Ademco Vista 50P

This is accomplished by means of a Gateway or TDM card. The security panels probably require a port to provide dial tone to them, in which case you want one FXS port per each device, but you will need to confirm that. There are many manufacturers of gateways, the Sangoma Vega line is a good choice.

I’m using multiple DSC Power Series panels with FreePBX and they work correctly with FXS gateways if the codec is set to g711. They also work correctly with FXS ports on TDM cards like the ones from Digium or Sangoma.

Great I ordered an FXS to try. Thanks for the ideas :slight_smile:

Not FXO, you need FXS.

Yes I edited it ;)…Typo :wink:

Would indicate that there is both an FXS interface on the 4286 phone module’s pin 1 and 2 (red and greeen ) and an FXO on pins 3 1nd 4 (brown and Grey)

Often confusing, FXS hardware use FXO signalling FXO use FXS signalling bare this in mind when connecting it up.

At least in my experience, there are no FXS/FXO ports on the security panels per se. Those pins are used to interface the phone line to a phone set, because the alarm must not be interrupted if a phone is picked up. So the alarm panel is always able to seize the line, and the phone is only able to seize the line when the alarm panel is not using it. So basically a switch in between the PSTN line and the phone set, where the alarm panel always has priority over line seizing.

It’s a very clever 'line grabber" as it apparently also does voice synthesis of the panel status and allows dtmf control of relays and sounders

Okay guys so just to be clear, Will I be able to just take this adapter, and find the Phone line that is hooked up to the panel, and plug the FXS port into that line, and then my network on the other side…that should work right?

Dicko, can I ask a specific question, sorry for my ignorance, if the lines are as you say, is there anything special I have to do?

Just get an FXS gateway or FXS TDM card, configure it, plug the alarm panel to the FXS port and off you go.

I only RTFM for this one but am very familiar with other Ademco panels for Elevators/Fire/Burglar support. If your panel does indeed have the 4286 module installed, then any ATA will work,

If there is anything on pins 1 and 2 DO NOT add anything to those pins or your building will immediately catch fire and the big red car wont be called :wink: , just use pins 3 and 4 and an FXS ATA, once setup , then the panel will appear as an extension on your system, you dial it , it will answer if not otherwise busy and you can then interact with DTMF’s to do whatever.

Excellent thanks Everyone!

I’ve been told by the company that installed this panel, that it DOES NOT have a 4286 module, can I still use an FXS with this? (I will try it either way)

Probably not, is there ANY phone interface installed? apparently there is also a 4285 module.

Yes there is, because it’s on a phone line now…for remote dial in.

Without one of those modules, unfortunately it is just a “line grabber” that will dial out on trigger, disconnecting any ongoing call and sending ademco protocol to the monitoring service.

Asterisk comes with a command “AlarmReceiver” which talks ademco , so passively you could bridge the telco line to an ATA and wait for an event, then process it in a custom dialplan, pretty sure if you do that then you will void any insurances though. If you can “dial in” then an ata can be scripted to do whatever youi are already doing

I’m usually “all for” a do-it-yourself approach on this kind of stuff, but it might be worthwhile to buy some support from Digium/Sangoma and have then help you. It’s going to add a bunch of money to your project, but at least you’ll have the advice and support of people that do this for a living. Now, remember that I am almost never inclined to send people to Sangoma from here (this is a User Forum, even if it is supported by them), so me suggesting that you get with them is a big deal.

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