FreePBX and an Audiocodes SBC

Has anyone set anything like this up? I found some old instructions based on a much older version of an SBC using [email protected], but so much has changed.

I’ve got an SBC running Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams. I’m looking for a phone system I can connect various SIP endpoints to (common area phones, SIP testing etc) and just have it all route through our SBC.

I haven’t touched Asterisk in a long long time, and so far my google searching hasn’t been awesome.

I guess you should create a trunk to the SBC and route all the calls over that trunk. Does the SBC require any special configuration to take into consideration?

No, not really, I can handle the SBC portion, I just don’t know how to configure the trunk in FreePBX

Was the SBC given to you by your provider? Or was this SBC bought and configured by you independently, without the intervention of any provider?

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