FreePBX and AJAM (Aynchronous Javascript Asterisk Manager)

Sorry in advance for the long thread. I’m new to FreePBX and would like to use AJAM. Is it is possible, and if so how do you install it?

So far my searching has turned up more questions than answers :slight_smile: For example:

  1. Can AJAM be enabled/installed separately? Searching turned up this post about PBX In a Flash (which includes FreePBX)

    which says it “comes with AJAM support built in but not activated”. That suggests it can be installed separately, but I’m not clear on how/if it relates to my FreePBX distro.

  2. Is Noojee Click required? I also found this post which mentions Noojee Click

    … but that sounds like a separate module (for lack of a better word) on top of AJAM. Is Noojee Click required to get AJAM working w/FreePBX?

  3. What are the implications of using AJAM w/FreePBX Also, the end of that thread mentions being mindful of the implications. Can anyone elaborate on what that means?
     ".. FreePBX since it does not support the AJAM directly 
     you must be mindful of the implications of running 
     commands on a system with FreePBX vs. a bare metal 
     Asterisk system...."
Any insights - to even part of my questions - would be greatly appreciated :)

Note: I’m using the latest distro from Schmooze
Release Date-12-01-13
FreePBX 2.11, Centos 6.4
Asterisk 11