FreePBX + Analog Phone Line


I currently have a FreePBX setup with SIP trunking based on Callcentric. I’m going to be switching ISPs soon, and they are giving me a free phone line with unlimited minutes, which I want to use.

I know I need a gateway.
a) Are their PCI gateways that can go right in the server?
b) What gateways are certified to work with Asterisk?
c) How can I set up the gateway?

Thank you!

Digium, Sangoma and Rhino all make cards that you can install in the server. You need what is called an FXO interface. There are also external adapters that you can use…

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Sangoma (one of the best) is running a deal now with huge discounts for first time buyers on certain products. See:

better hurry