FreePBX an SQL Server 2008

I'm trying to change the database for sql server 2008. Someone could please give me a light?

You will need to set up odbc connectivity to your sql server and edit /etc/asterisk/cdr_odbc.conf to suit.

Before you ask “how do I do that?” start with:-

It works :wink:

Many thanks for the tip, I’ll start testing soon and inform you if it worked

What are you trying to save in that DB. If just CDRs then it would actually be /etc/asterisk/res_odbc_custom.conf as FreePBX already sets up CDRs to use ODBC and not MySQL direct.

If you are trying to get FreePBX to use the database for FreePBX settings it will never happen and not something you could do.

I confess I was a bit lost, follow the instructions but I got a doubt.
I’ll have to install FreeTDS in order to use as driver for connecting to SQL Server?

Thank you for catching that Tony, i assumed cdr’s and not the system itself, because as you say that would be a lot harder to make happen :slight_smile: , Can you clarify whether FreePBX itself now sets up odbc for cdr and not the FreePBX distribution?

I’m wanting to store cel and cdr in an external SQL server.
I need to install something else?

A more generic answer mighht be for you, the cdr records are generated and stored by how your /etc/asterisk/cdr*.conf files are arranged, for caqll event logging /etc/asterisk/cel*.conf for mssql you might want to use the tds variants instead of the odbc ones, same result different route, well, I haven’t used mssql for a while, but they used to :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the tip! =D

I’ll get some tests and so I get warning!

Thanks for the help! =D

For now I will not make this connection with MSSQL SERVER, it appears that became unnecessary.

Thank you very much!