FreePBX agents login to queue

Hi all,
we currentlly running FreePBX 10.13.66-18. Our PBX have one queue and three hard phones for working with Call Center only. Our agents are working 12 hours per day. Before start every “agent” must dial *45 for automatic login, after this step calls are farwardig into hard phone/extension. It`s working fine but today we need more advanced logging procedure. For example we need separate stats for each agent who was worked with specyfied hard phone/extension. Some times with one hard phone/extension working 4 different persons/agents. Is it possiable to change login procedure per agent not per device/extension. And after generate stats for each “agent” by QXact Reports?

hard phone/extension 800 > agent1, agent2, agent3, agent4

Separated QXact reports stats for each agentX not for extension 800 only.

Sangoma phone apps will let you hotdesk (many users signing in and out of one phone).

There is also an unsupported device and user mode that is useful in Contact Center type environments.

Another option could be to use softphones, like Zulu or Bria, or maybe even UCP (not a lot of functionality).

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