FreePBX pickup calls and different ring tone for internal calls

Good morning,
I’m discreetely new to the world of FreePBX. I’ve been able to install it on a HP server armed with esxi v6 and getting it working.
I need to achieve tho these points:

Differentiating ring tone for internal calls;
Differentiating ring tone for external calls transfered from one extension to another one;

Enable call transfered call pickup (for instance, if I transfer one call from extension 201 to 206, I want to be able to take it back in case 206 is not avaliable or user is away from his desk).

Are these options available? If yes, how can I implement those on my freepbx?
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First of all, you are running a very old version of FreePBX.

You can set alert info in your inbound routes which will change the ringtone of external calls, this video will probably very helpful for you.

I am not sure how to accomplish distinctive ringing for transferred calls, you’ll likely need to add some context and custom code.

You can dial **EXT to pickup any ringing extension. Or you can setup a Call/Pickup group with specific extensions.

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I actually know about this method. I can’t use it tho in this scenario as I need to pickup a call that I transfered to another extension. In this case, I receive “declined” after I dial **EXT. It actually works on extensions that are out of the queue whenever I pickup an external call. All the extensions are in the same pickupgroup tho.
Do I need to use a ring group instead of a queue?

I’ve tried to add bellcore-dr3 to the alert-info field inside the inbound route, but this way, the external call ring tone is changed, while I need to change it for internal calls.

I think so, but I’ve genuinely no idea on what to do about this.

You gotta think the other way around… Let’s say your default ringtone is Ring-1 and you want internal calls to ring Ring-2. So set your default phone ringtone to Ring-2 and the alert info on the inbound routes to Ring-1.

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Is there a way to change the default ringtone via web interface? Also, can I browse the available ring tones available? (I can’t find those in system recordings)

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