FreePBX - 35 analog phones and 2 PRIs

a customer wants a new PBX.
Until now we only have SIP phones and Sangoma PRI Lines installed.
I never had any problems with sangoma.

What should i buy to connect 35 analgo phones and 2 PRIs
Should i buy a 2x sangoma A400 BRM with 9x FXS modules (i think each modul can connect 4 FXS ports). Do i need echo cancellation for analog ports? I’ve got a quadcore with 8 GB RAM for FreePBX.

And 1x sangoma A102D card for the 2 PRI lines with echo cancellation.

What do u think?


Echo cancellation is nice on analog ports. That may get pricey though.

I would look at an external gateway like a mediatrix.

If you are a Cisco router comfortable the ultimate way to do this is to pickup a Carrier Access ADIT on eBay, this is a carrier class channel bank. It converts T1 to analog, each line card has 8 ports and they never break.

And you can add an mgcp trunk for next to nothing.

External FXS bank for one reason and one reason only: you need to power 35 analog phones, and you’ll need a beast of a PSU in the server to pump out all the energy to power, make them ring and transfer audio to 35 phones if you attache them to a PCI card.

At one of my customers (a hotel/resort) they have two of this:
Not endorsing the product, just saying it works well.

And Sangoma 1 x A102D all the way for the 2 x ISDN PRI, love 'em.

You don’t need a card with hardware Echo Cancellation.
I have two systems with an A102 installed each, one with HW EC one without - can’t tell the difference.
The software EC (oslec or mg2, choose what’s best for you) does the job very well, and it’s lightest on the system than the hardware EC on the Sangoma.

Sangomas with EC tax heavily the IRQ lines, keeping the CPU usage on each core at 2% all the time.
The software EC is only used by active channels, and if you use a quality FXS bank that does the job nicely.