FreePBX 300 Will not boot

FreePBX 300 phone system was purchased in September was running fine until power failure. Now this unit will not boot, it simply sits at PXE screen. Both drives seem intact, at least the BIOS still sees them. But since there is no hardware RAID controller I can’t tell if it’s a RAID problem or not.

At this point, I am wondering how the heck this could have happened and how to proceed. How could this happen to a Linux based device, while I have had an issue or two with DAHDi going down hard I have not had a FreePBX box fail to boot completely. Should proceed by trying to do data recovery +1500 miles away (0.o) or should I simply bite the bullet and wipe/ reload, eating up more of my time and causing the client to lose even more confidence.

This is the second issue this thing has had and it’s not even 6 months old. Neither I nor the client is feeling good about purchasing this hardware. Please, please restore my hope and faith in the Sangoma/FreePBX team by helping me out with this horrible situation.

Sounds like this unit is still under warranty being only 90 days old. I would have started with Sangoma commercial support first, not the public forums.

Have you ever tried Sangoma commercial support? I would rather try someplace that I would get a timely response. This is not something I can sit around and wait for 3 days on…

As soon as I can get the serial number I will start a case with Sangoma also. No reason not to have both. I hope they call me back soon, last time it was almost 5 days until I got a response.

  1. Complete a ticket on the portal.
  2. Get a ticket number.
  3. Call the tech support phone number 905-474-1990 and enter the ticket number you have been assigned, you will talk with someone right away, as long as you are calling during normal business hours.

Your mistake is waiting for them to call you.

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hmmm, perhaps your ssd’s do not have power loss protection.
It will not help your current situation, but it’s good advise to insist upon a UPS for your FreePBX systems. However would expect filesystem corruption rather than complete failure to boot in such a case, but then see here for Curcials comment on this (bit dated though):

See the section on powerloss in this review for an overview of this issue.

SSD’s in our FreePBX 300 : (hdparm -I /dev/sdX)
Model Number: OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD
Model Number: SandForce{200026BB}

So no powerloss protection here AFAIK.

Bottom line, if you do not have a UPS for your PBX then suggest installing a datacenter drive that you are sure offers full powerloss protection

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