FreePBX can't reboot server

HI , there is VOIP support in our office and it seems doesnt work. Inspite of server page shows that server is running, users are unable to call free service line 8-800. May be should I try to reboot the server ? But I couldn’t find this button “reboot”. Does anyone knows where it is on FreePBX ?

There is no reboot button in the GUI, you must do it through SSH

strange though, but I can’t login through SSH using the same login/pass which I use for web authentification

Try to login as root via SSH (if SSH lets you to do so).

Пароль пользователя root задается при установке системы. Вы не можете использовать пароль web gui для доступа по ssh. Кстати, если поставить модуль System Admin, то там будет раздел Power Options. Попробуйте.

log into the console, type shutdown -r now or just press the power button