FreePBX 2.7 with InGenius

I have a FreePBX 2.7 installation and am trying to configure InGenius Connector but get the message

“Asterisk has rejected your login request. Are your username and password settings correct? Does your extension support CTI?
Asterisk has failed to respond in a timely manner.”

Any ideas?

Hi tteather,

InGenius Connector with FreePBX should normally be pretty straightforward… when you setup the extension you just need the extension number and a secret (password). The defaults for all other settings are usually fine. Then when you setup the connection in InGenius Connector you set:

Directory Number: your extension number
User password: your secret
Authorization Name: your extension number
Display Name: your extension number
Server name or IP address: your FreePBX box

Some other things I can think of are (1) try setting your password to 1234 just to see if complex passwords are being rejected for some reason or (2) connect to the IP address of your server instead of it’s name, to rule out DNS related issues.