Freepbx FOP not showing Trunks

Freepbx Version:
Asterisk Version:
OS: Centos 5.4 x64
Linux kernel: 2.6.18-164.15.1.el5xen
Asterisk and Freepbx installed onto xen domu using yum from repo baseurl= with the kmod-dahdi-linux-xen timing drivers.
Freepbx updated to after original rpm install of 2.5
Using teliax sip trunk and audiocodes mp114 with 2fxs/2fxo ports. 2 pots lines on the mp114 for local incoming and outgoing calls and emergency backup.

Since I’ve added the 2 mp114 fxo trunks to the freepbx config the FOP stopped showing all the trunks, which I should be showing 3 teliax, ac3, and ac4. I removed the mp114 trunks ac3 and ac4 to see if I could get back the teliax trunk but a no go. I’ve found some info below,
But nothing that seems to be pointing me in the right direction. Any ideas what might be causing the FOP Trunk issue?

op_buttons_additional.cfg shows no trunks but shows extensions, conference, queues, and parking. Freepbx not generating the FOP config for Trunks?