Freepbx 2.6 and faxing via tdm with fax for asterisk

Dear all,

I am still quite new to asterisk. I had originally purchased a “turnkey” solution with a TDM410P card to enable connection of a single fax machine to the PBX. My SIP provider uses t38 only. It turned out that the PBX has asterisk 1.2 installed, which does not understand t38, not even as a passthrough. So faxing worked miserably and the software configuration of PBX could not be changed to a newer version of asterisk. I used a spare PC to plug in the tdm410P and installed the latest and hopefully greatest dahdi, asterisk and freepbx versions to accomplish the single requirement of sending faxes over sip with a plain old fax machine plugged into the tdm410p using fax for asterisk. the “turnkey” pbx is used for all sip phone traffic and works well for that.

  • I have set ZAP2DAHDICOMPAT=true

still i cannot see the fxs/fxo channels that I have configured manually in chan_dahdi.conf and several other places according to digiums user manual;

for my simple setup - does there have to be a t38 fax gateway function ?
does there have to be faxdetect (or nvfax) - i have a separate ported number for the fax line configured as a sip trunk ? i have no need to use that line for voice calls at all;

regarding spandsp - digium’s fax for asterisk administration manual indicates that it is not needed with fax for asterisk, consider it essential ?

can a dialplan for the extension used for faxing created in freepbx or is this a manual configuration task ?

lastly - what is the best way to have the “trunkey” pbx (for phone traffic) and the pc running the tdm with the fax line coexist on the same lan ? they serve separate trunks and numbers and don’t call one another - do they have to be peers or even know of each other ??

I apologize if some or all of the above are very basic questions …

thanks a lot!